Southern Preservation Systems Restoration services such as masonry restoration, paver repairs and stone restoration are specialties of Southern Preservation Systems in Snellville, GA.


Our masonry restoration work includes tearing masonry down, rebuilding, cleaning and sealing. This will provide a long lasting allure to your building structure.

Stucco/ EIFS Repairs

Cracks may appear within stucco facades resulting in water infiltration and further damage to the stucco system. Southern Preservation Systems in Snellville, GA has the expertise to fix these types of problems to prevent any further damage to the structure.

Deck and Paver Repairs

We specialize in removal of old topping slab and waterproofing; repairs to the structural deck; planter drains and wall replacement; new waterproofing and drainage components; and installation of new pavers.

Stone Restoration

Southern Preservation Systems Stone, when subjected to natural elements, may develop cracks and need repair. Our company will replace, restore and re-anchor these damaged veneers.

Crack Repair/ Epoxy Injection

If there are cracks in the concrete, let our company inject and bond it back together. Cracks in concrete in any building structure can cause further damage if not treated promptly.

Storefront & Curtain Walls

Southern Preservation Systems provides window glazing for storefront whether it is glass to glass, glass to metal or metal to storefront facades.

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