Specialty Services

Specialty services provided by Southern Preservation Systems in Loganville, GA include floor maintenance, roof anchorage and bearing pad replacements.

Testing/ Investigation for Leaks

We provide investigation and leak testing to determine exactly where the leak is coming from. Determining the source of the leak is the first step to finding a solution to the damage.

Industrial Floor Maintenance

Industrial flooring can be damaged due to a number of reasons. We offer a number of services such as crack repair, expansion joint repairs, sealing, overlays and more to restore your floor and ensure that it meets the operating standards of your business.

Roof Anchorage & Davits

We provide roof anchorage systems, which facilitate maintenance of exterior building walls and ensure worker safety.

Bearing Pad Replacements

Bearing pads allow structural movement in curtain structures without damaging other parts of the structure. Lifting and jacking of the structure is necessary to replace them. Once the structure is lifted, the pads can be replaced.

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