External link opens in new tab or windowSouthern Preservation Systems Waterproofing services from Southern Preservation Systems in Loganville, GA such as window glazing and traffic coatings protect your structures from water damage.

Caulking & Sealants

Sealants are designed to move and flex with the structure’s exterior; however, they are subjected to heavy stress. By replacing worn sealants with new ones, Southern Preservation Systems in Loganville, GA can protect the life and efficiency of your building.

Window Glazing

Our company does window glazing ensuring air and water resistant windows. This will improve energy efficiency of your building.

Vehicular/Pedestrian Traffic Coatings

External link opens in new tab or windowSouthern Preservation Systems Vehicular and pedestrian traffic coating systems are designed to protect the wearing surface of parking decks, garages and walkways. To avoid early on deterioration, we apply a durable coating on the parking structure and also waterproof pedestrian walkways and areas where needed.

Below-Grade Waterproofing

We apply several types of waterproofing including drainage systems and membrane coatings. This will provide a vapor barrier, which will protect the lifespan of your structure.  

Expansion Joints

Aged expansion joints could be damaged due to the limitation of the buildings components. This will also allow water to enter the system resulting in deterioration.

Pool Coating Systems

We use waterproofing membranes and coatings in pools and fountains to protect from UV Rays, and chemicals in certain water features. This will increase the lifespan of water features.

Grouting & Polyurethane Injection

Leaks at cracks and joints can damage concrete structures and create further problems. We inject polyurethane grouts into cracks and joints to create or restore a water barrier.  

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Our waterproofing services can prevent future leaks, any unnecessary damage and more. We are also offer professional masonry restoration services. Contact us today!